When In Rome…

So I’ve got a little bit of a late start on this blogging thing. We’ll see if I can keep up with it, but in the mean time, it’ll do. I’m currently a week into my program (CEA Rome/PC in Rome), and I already feel like there was so much that I could have blogged about that I skipped over. Knowing me, the posts will tend to get shorter and shorter, and there will end up being more and more photos (okay, too many photos – and I apologize in advance if you see duplicates on Facebook).

I arrived in Rome last monday after traveling for 12 hours (2 of which were spent in the Dublin airport with my first legal beer- a Guinness [cheers, ancestors]). Our apartment is part of a gated in apartment complex. There’s a nice courtyard in the middle, and the views are really nice. I’m rooming with 5 girls with 3 bedrooms (I got the single), a full kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms. I really can’t complain about the area we live in; it’s very residential and relatively quiet. Along with the welcome package we received, CEA provided us with a box of pasta and sauce… so naturally we went to the supermarket, bought stuff for salad, wine, etc., and had a “family dinner” the first night we were here.

On Friday, we had a gap of time from 1-5 to do whatever we wanted. Obviously, we headed to historical Rome. I felt like I was in Epcot. It’s amazing how many ancient buildings are surrounded by such modern buildings and plazas. It was honestly really cool to sight see with a few history majors, a theology major, and a classics minor. Looks like two years of Civ has done something for us…

To wrap up Friday and Saturday nights, we met up with Andy Steves, son of Rick Steves (the guy who writes those travel guide books), for a 4 course meal with unlimited wine for €15. Saturday night, we went with the group to an Irish pub in Rome to catch the Notre Dame football game. So maybe the place was filled with Americans and our music, but that spot screams home to me.

We were asked by our professor on Friday to list our highs and lows of the trip so far, so I will conclude in listing those:

Highs: Parmesan cheese, finding roof access to my apartment and seeing a great view, unlimited wine, being mistaken for a local when someone asked me something in Italian, and ordering breakfast competently in Italian.

Lows: The USD rate needs improvement, time zones exist and I continuously forget that, I have multiple blisters, and on the same day I competently ordered breakfast, I ordered the wrong lunch, therefore negating any progress in that category.

So I apologize for this post being pretty boring, but I felt like I had to catch everyone up with my life before I moved on to the exciting posts.

Ciao for now,


Oh, and I booked a trip to a wine tour and tasting in Tuscany next weekend. Can’t complain about that.


2 responses to “When In Rome…

  1. Allison

    I want to go on a wine tasting tour in Tuscany!! Awesome blog Lauren – keep ’em coming! Sounds like you have settled in nicely

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