Romeing Along

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been super busy (which only means that putting off writing this post would mean writing a longer post… but what can you do?).

Early on in the week, I cooked dinner for my guy friends (they bought the groceries and I cooked stir fry and got a free meal out of it, so I can’t complain). After dinner, we found a cabinet with things from perhaps the landlord or a previous owner, including a camera that said, “Made in the USSR,” which was pretty cool. Later on in the week, I decided to give eggplant parm a whirl, which is funny, because I was too lazy to read a recipe, and I’ve never made it before… and we have a baking sheet, just not a baking pan. Anyhow, it turned out fantastic. I had leftovers a few nights later, along with a tomato and mozzarella “salad” with balsamic on top. Of course, this was accompanied by a glass of white wine that cost 3 euro for the bottle. La vida Italia.

Within the past week, I have also booked trips to Venice and Paris in October, so soon enough more diverse blog posts will be coming! Venice we booked on our own- me and 4 other PC kids. We planned to go on the same weekend that we could have gone to Venice with our program, but they wanted more than double of what we paid to go. We’re rebellious like that. Paris was booked through, which includes entrance to many different excursions that I would never be able to do on my own (I just don’t know enough about Paris- or the language- to coordinate it). (Commercial interruption: If you’re studying abroad and are interested in this program, insert promo code LAUREN for $10 off). The first night I’m there isn’t included in the package, so I’m staying with a friendI met through Admission Ambassadors from PC that graduated this past spring and is now working in Paris.

Ok, pan back to Rome. Last Wednesday, I went to the Roman Forum with class. We got off at the Colesseo Metro Stop (can you guess what the first thing you see when you exit that is?), and walked over. On the way, we passed signs that showed the progression of the Roman empire through the years, ending with Caesar and Octavian, his nephew/adopted son that ruled after him. He was careful not to get too out of hand, because of his uncle’s fate and the senators worrying that he would go too far. In the Forum, we saw where Caesar was cremated, which was unusual for the time to occur where it did, because most were buried outside of the Roman walls. I believe he was the first to not be. Octavian wanted there to be a temple for Caesar in the Forum, because if Caesar was worshipped as a God (and most rulers were after their death), that would make Octavian the son of a God.

On Thursday I got a cute shirt for 9 euro from a vendor. That was cool, cuz I got it down from 12 euro. (I obviously blog about things that make me excited, and yes, this is one of them.)

As for school, I really do enjoy all of my classes. Business ethics is a little dull (maybe it’s because it’s a 2.5 hour class), but my teachers are all pretty fun. My Italian teacher, Mario, may be the most fun. We have him every day, so I’m glad he keeps the class interesting. He is supposed to bring us to a cafe to order food today.

Tune into my next post for stories from my weekend!



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