Vineyard Vines

I don’t even know where to start this blog post. I feel like I have so much to say, and so little time to say it. 

A few eventful things have happened so far this week. On Wednesday, our New Testament class went to St. John Lateran Basilica, which is where Constantine was baptized and which served as the Vatican before the vatican was home to the Pope. Inside, there’s a bunch of beautiful chapels, and the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, where an alleged piece of the Last Supper table is displayed. The Pope celebrates Holy Thursday there annually, as part of tradition. The city’s tallest obelisk is also located here. 

On Friday, my program hosted a Wine Harvesting trip. We traveled about an hour outside Rome, but still in Lazio, to a vineyard, where we were taught how to cut the grapes off the vines, and put them into crates for the vineyard to work with. While this was fun, the sun was hot and we sort of resorted to taking pictures with grapes. And I took a Vine (social media website for videos) of the vines… because I like irony. We then were able to buy bottles of wine from them (3 bottles for 10 euro), so I split the deal with someone, and now I have a bottle for my parents and a bottle for me to bring home. 

We then drove a few minutes away then walked up a road on a hill for our included lunch. It was cute, with various antipasti appetizers, including lasagna, croissants with cheese and salami, and fried veggies. For this, they recommended trying their white wine, which was also included in the meal. The wine reminded me of Barefoot Moscato, so I couldn’t complain. We also tried two other red wines with dinner, one of which was fruitier, and one which was drier (which is the one I bought to bring home). We had a lemon chicken for our main course, with salad and french fries. And for dessert, we had some sort of thing that translates into “cream cake.” It’s kind of like a mix between flan and cheesecake, and it was delicious. Want to know how that went? It was… well, fun. Click here

We “wanted help finishing our wine,” so we called over out Italian teacher, who had a glass with us as we all talked for a little bit. He also has a pretty dry sense of humor, but he’s awesome and definitely keeps us entertained for the hour long class that we have daily. We made sure that we got a picture with him out on the patio, but I guess a few candids were taking in the mean time. 



On the bus ride back, we we fortunate enough to just have people from our neighborhood on the bus… whereas 80% of the program lives in the other neighborhood. Therefore, we made sure we spread out… which was really nice for the nap time that ensued after entering a food coma (and the wine didn’t help keep us awake either). 



It was a long day, but it was definitely different, and it was nice that it was included in the program. 


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