Prost to Oktoberfest 2013.

What a weekend. What an experience.

After a 13 hour bus ride to Munich, we finally made it. The bus ride was over night (9pm-10am), and luckily I slept probably about 11 of those hours. When we woke up, we were greeted by the beautiful landscape of the Austrian/German countryside. I’m not sure where we were, but it was gorgeous.


Upon arriving in the land of dirndls and lederhosen, we quickly dropped off our stuff and headed to the festival for something to eat. My rules that I established before going: I need to consume pretzels, meat, and beer… in no particular order. So naturally I decided to go 50/50 with a friend when we got to the fair grounds and ate half a rib steak sandwich, half a bratwurst. Delicious. And a pleasant change from all the carbs I’ve been consuming.

We then preceded to go into Hofbräuhaus, where we got our first steins and eventually somehow ran into PC kids (which was amazing given the amount of people in each tent). We saw people attempt at chugging steins, which are 1 liter of beer; they were chanted for and cheered at, if they finished, but if they did not, they were booed at and had food thrown at them. Definitely entertaining to watch.



After a little while, we toured Munich a little and went to the “Versailles of Munich,” according to my friend, and watched a carousel of figures in a clock tower dance when the clock struck 5.

We then went to the real Hofbräuhaus for dinner. The entire menu was in German, which is the first time I had no idea what anything said, besides “wiener schnitzel,” but I still didn’t quote know what that entailed. So I asked what the waiter recommended, and I got some sort of pork with a weird consistancy potato (it almost had the texture/consistency of a hard boiled egg, where it was soft and smooth for a potato but still retained an oval shape), but it was delicious. Of course, I finished dinner with a pretzel.


Clock tower


That night, we were in bed by 9, and ready for the day ahead.

So the next morning, we were out of the hostel by 7:30, and in the tent at a table by 9. Breakfast consisted of a pretzel with cheese and bacon and a stein.


From here, my friends left the festival to go to Dachau Concentration Camp, which I went to Sunday morning, and I took on Oktoberfest with a girl we had met at the table with her parents that morning the I had learned I had a few mutual friends with.

So until my friends came back at 6, I made my own (new) friends and enjoyed the festival.



At 6, I met my friends, and we had dinner and decided to go on a ride. This ride was by far the tallest in the park- you went up the tower, it dropped you once, and that was it. But you could see the whole festival, and it was awesome . If you look up at that tower, there are people on that yellow ring at the top… yeah. It was high.



Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime. Great weekend.


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