It’s a Small World, After All.

Weekend Warrior War Story: 

So I lost my rain jacket at Oktoberfest.

I wore it, 1. Because it was cold at 7:30am when we got there and we had to wait until 9 for a tent to open, and 2. Because it was cloudy (and it did rain later in the day, of course, after I lost my rain jacket and acquired another random jacket). 

Backtracking: At our first tent, a mother, father, and daughter approached my friends and I and asked to share a table. We said yes, and made conversation with them. Turns out, the dad was from Rhode Island, they got married in the church across from PC and had their reception at the Biltmore, and the daughter was studying in London. She said she was from Newtown, CT, where I know a lot of people from college, and I actually knew a lot of people from her high school. She knew one of them, and I explained how he was at Oktoberfest, etc. So when my friends went to Dachau at 12pm that day and I decided to stay behind, she asked to join me because she didn’t want to stay with her parents all day. So we went to the HB tent together. 

Anyhow, my jacket was with me most of the day (I was cold and wearing it) until it was probably around 1 or 2 pm, I was in the (hot) HB tent, and I had to go to the bathroom. I left it at the table, but since I went to the bathroom alone and the tents are huge with thousands of people, I couldn’t find my table after I came back (I did not pay attention to directions at all in Munich). So I just left. At this point, I had lost my new friend and my jacket, so for the rest of the day I made new friends and tried getting back into the tent to find my friend and my jacket… but once I got in, hours later, I almost immediately left, realizing that a. I still didn’t know where the table was and b. they would have been long gone by then. So I left. 

I got solid wifi when I came back to Rome on Sunday night, when I opened up Facebook, and saw that I had a message. This girl had found my profile through the mutual friend we had talked about, and she said that she had my jacket, because I went to the bathroom and never came back. What an angel. And what are the chances of that?!

So she’s studying in London. I figured I could wait a month and a half and get it when I go there, but I also came to the realization that all of a sudden, “fall” hit literally this past Thursday. Until Thursday, I was wearing shorts and short sleeves to class, and it had only rained twice while I have been here. 

Unfortunately, fall here means maybe a drop of 10 degrees (it was maybe 67-72 degrees here on average this past week), but the main change is that it rains. It rained almost daily. Not for the whole day, but it would come down in downpours for maybe an hour and then stop… for a little while. Having no hooded clothing here, I tried not to get caught in a sudden storm on the way to class.

On Tuesday night around 9pm, I came to the realization that my roommate from home was coming to visit me in Rome on Wednesday morning, and she was studying in London. I asked my Oktoberfest Friend how far my friends address was, and she said about a 30 min tube ride. Anyhow, I texted my roommate, Sarah, and she replied, “I’m on the tube now. Where does she live?” So I got my Oktoberfest Friend’s number and gave it to Sarah. They communicated, Sarah miraculously made the trip, and before I knew they were even definitely meeting up, I got a message saying that the deed was done. Sarah met up with her and got the jacket.

Keep in mind, this isn’t anything fancy. It wasn’t anything special, I just didn’t have anything else to wear. But it’s hilarious to me that it all worked out.

Sarah carried it around Rome all day yesterday, before seeing me and giving it back to me at dinner. 

It seriously traveled from Munich, to London with a stranger, to Rome, in 3 days. It was such a rare circumstance, but the world is small. 

Anyhow, I walked to class in the rain today, happy that my hair didn’t come in contact with water, and thus did not look like Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Yes, I just googled a good character to put in there, no I don’t know the movie well.)

Technology is amazing, and this story is crazy. Definitely something that goes down in the books for something really weird coming out of Munich… just not in the same category of all of the weird things that happen at Oktoberfest anyway. 


One response to “It’s a Small World, After All.

  1. Aunt Kathleen

    It’s like your own little version of six degrees of separation!

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