Ok, sorry I haven’t posted in forever. You’ll soon know all that I have been doing that have kept me super busy. If I wasn’t traveling, it was school work, or getting ready for the next trip. But I’m okay with that. But everything I do here has been overshadowed by the next awesome thing, so this blog will be mostly pictures, because I’m too excited about the next two posts to talk a lot on this one.

So… Venice!

Upon arrival, we checked into our hotel with a little hiccup, but that’s another story for a different day. It all worked out, and we headed to the main island. By this time, after our 6 hour train ride, it was dark, so there wasn’t too much we could do. Of course, eating and wandering was always an option. We went to a place recommended in my friend Dan’s guidebook, and got a three course fixed price meal that was delicious. We wandered the island for a few hours past that, stopping in marvelous mask stores, that were for the “Carnivale” festival on Mardi Gras. I couldn’t help but buy a cheap one… they were all so beautiful, and most were custom made.


The next day, we got up early and had a jam packed day. We started with a boat taxi ride to San Marco, the main part of the island. We took a tour of the Doge’s palace, which was amazing. Art lined the walls and ceiling, and it was huge. ImageImage

After touring the palace, we did what we absolutely had to do… be tourists and go on a gondola ride. I’ll add pictures on my next post, because my blog isn’t letting me add any more on here for now. From the water, we were able to see the buildings of an old prison, Marco Polo’s house, and a few other gems around San Marco.

We then made it a point to go into the Basilica of San Marco, where we saw awesome gold mosaics, and the “treasure room” from the sack of Constantinople years ago, that had many gold objects and also some relics of Saint Peter of the venice region (I forget where exactly). I felt like Abu in Aladdin when he wasn’t allowed to touch anything in the cave… Everything was so beautiful.

From there, we had a delicious meal- probably my best since being in Italy. I had a seafood pasta, then a steak with potatoes and delicious spinach, and then the best tiramisu I’ve ever had.

Finally, we went up to the San Marco tower. We were able to see the whole island from there, or what seemed to be. It was an amazing view of the rooftops and of the water. The “streets” weren’t really visible, but seeing Venice from a bird’s eye view was really cool.

Venice was really cool and had a beautiful charm to it, but it was very touristy. We did a lot, though, which was cool. I’m sure many others haven’t toured the basilica or the tower, so we definitely made the most of our trip.

Pictures are to come!


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